1 . Audacious (大胆な)

Her audacious plan to climb Mount Everest inspired many.

2 . Avalanche (雪崩)

The avalanche swept away everything in its path.

3 . Abyss (淵)

He stared into the dark abyss, feeling lost and afraid.

4 . Apex (頂点)

After years of hard work, she finally reached the apex of her career.

5 . Ardent (熱心な)

He is an ardent supporter of environmental causes.

6 . Augment (増強する)

New technologies can augment human capabilities.

7 . Aurora (夜光)

We watched in awe as the aurora danced across the night sky.

8 . Allegiance (忠誠)

The soldiers swore allegiance to their country.

9 . Ambrosial (甘美な)

The ambrosial scent of flowers filled the air.

10 . Anthology (アンソロジー集)

This anthology contains the best short stories of the year.

11 . Adversary (敵手)

They faced a formidable adversary in the championship game.

12 . Altruistic (利他的な)

She has an altruistic desire to help those in need.

13 . Amalgamate (合併する)

The two companies decided to amalgamate to increase profitability.

14 . Ambiance (趣、雰囲気)

The cozy ambiance of the cafe made it a pleasant place to study.

15 . Amalgam (合金)

The sculptor used an amalgam of metals to create the statue.

16 . Apocalypse (黙示録)

Many religions prophecize an apocalyptic end to the world.

17 . Archer (弓手)

In medieval times, the archer was a vital part of the army.

18 . Articulate (明確に言う)

She is an articulate speaker who can express her ideas clearly.

19 . Ascendancy (優位)

After years of struggle, they finally gained the ascendancy in the market.

20 . Astral (天体の)

The astral phenomena of shooting stars amazed the children.

21 . Ataraxia (心の静けさ)

The Buddhist monk lived in a state of peaceful ataraxia.

22 . Athenaeum (学者の集まり)

The prestigious athenaeum hosted lectures by world-renowned scholars.

23 . Atrium (中庭)

The hotel’s beautiful atrium was filled with tropical plants.

24 . Atrophy (萎縮)

Lack of use can cause muscles to atrophy over time.

25 . Attune (調和させる)

The musician attunes her instrument before each performance.

26 . Aura (霊気)

There was an aura of mystery surrounding the ancient ruins.

27 . Avarice (強欲)

His avarice led him to make unethical business decisions.

28 . Avian (鳥の)

The avian sanctuary protected many endangered bird species.

29 . Avant-garde (先駆的な)

The avant-garde artists of the 20th century revolutionized modern art.

30 . Aver (主張する)

He averred his innocence despite the evidence against him.

31 . Awe-inspiring (畏敬の念を起こさせる)

The awe-inspiring mountain vistas left us speechless.

32 . Axiom (公理)

One of the basic axioms of geometry is that parallel lines never intersect.

33 . Azure (青い)

The azure waters of the Caribbean sea were incredibly clear.

34 . Affable (親しみやすい)

Her affable personality made it easy to approach her with questions.

35 . Affinity (親和性)

The chemicals had a strong affinity and reacted violently when combined.

36 . Agility (機敏さ)

The cat’s agility allowed it to jump from surface to surface with ease.

37 . Alabaster (白象牙)

The alabaster statue’s pale beauty was breathtaking.

38 . Alchemy (錬金術)

The ancient art of alchemy aimed to turn lead into gold.

39 . Altruism (利他主義)

Her altruism motivated her to volunteer at the local soup kitchen.

40 . Ambrosia (神の食べ物)

The ambrosia salad, with its mix of fruits and coconut, was divine.

41 . Ameliorate (改善する)

The new policies aimed to ameliorate the living conditions of the poor.

42 . Amicable (友好的な)

Despite their differences, they managed to reach an amicable agreement.

43 . Amorphous (無形の)

The amorphous blob did not have a clearly defined shape.

44 . Amphitheater (円形劇場)

The ancient amphitheater was designed to allow spectators to view events from all angles.

45 . Anathema (呪い)

Dishonesty was anathema to her moral code.

46 . Ancestral (祖先の)

They still follow many ancestral traditions in their village.

47 . Andromeda (アンドロメダ星雲)

The Andromeda galaxy is the closest spiral galaxy to our Milky Way.

48 . Anomaly (例外)

The anomaly in the data needed to be investigated further.

49 . Antediluvian (太古の)

These antediluvian fossils provide insight into life millions of years ago.

50 . Antithesis (対蹠)

His carefree attitude was the antithesis of her diligent work ethic.

51 . Antiquity (古代)

The artifacts from antiquity were carefully preserved in the museum.

52 . Aperture (開口部)

He adjusted the aperture on his camera to let in more light.

53 . Aplomb (沈着)

She handled the crisis with remarkable aplomb.

54 . Apogee (極点)

The rocket reached its apogee before beginning its descent.

55 . Apotheosis (神格化)

His remarkable achievements led to his apotheosis as a cultural icon.

56 . Apparition (幻影)

In the fog, an eerie apparition appeared before them.

57 . Arcadia (仙境)

The peaceful countryside was an arcadia away from the city’s noise.

58 . Arcane (神秘的な)

The arcane rituals were understood by only a few initiates.

59 . Archaic (古風な)

She enjoyed studying archaic languages and scripts.

60 . Archetype (典型)

The wise old mentor is an archetype found in many stories.

61 . Ardor (熱情)

She approached her new job with youthful ardor and enthusiasm.

62 . Argonaut (航海者)

The argonauts of ancient Greece embarked on legendary voyages.

63 . Aristocracy (貴族階級)

An aristocracy ruled the country for many centuries.

64 . Armada (艦隊)

The Spanish Armada was defeated by the English navy in 1588.

65 . Artisan (職人)

The artisan created beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

66 . Ascetic (禁欲的な)

The Buddhist monks lived an ascetic life of simplicity and self-denial.

67 . Assiduous (熱心な)

Her assiduous studies paid off when she earned top grades.

68 . Astonishing (驚くべき)

The magic show featured astonishing illusions that defied explanation.

69 . Astounding (驚異的な)

Scientists made an astounding discovery about the origins of the universe.

70 . Asunder (離れて)

Though the friends had grown asunder over the years, their bond remained strong.

71 . Athirst (渇いた)

After the long hike, they were athirst and drank greedily from the stream.

72 . Atoll (環礁)

The tropical atoll was a gorgeous ring of coral islands.

73 . Attainment (到達)

Her attainment of a doctorate was a great personal achievement.

74 . Atypical (非典型的な)

His behavior was considered atypical for someone of his age.

75 . Audacious (大胆な)

The bank robbers made an audacious escape by helicopter.

76 . Audacity (大胆さ)

I was shocked by her audacity to question the teacher’s authority.

77 . Augury (前兆)

The soothsayers analyzed auguries to predict the future.

78 . Auspicious (吉兆のある)

The auspicious sunrise filled them with hope for the new year.

79 . Austere (質素な)

The austere monastery had little decoration or luxury.

80 . Authentication (認証)

Proper authentication is required to access the secure database.

81 . Autobahn (高速道路)

They drove at high speeds on the German autobahn.

82 . Automaton (自動機械)

The clockwork automaton was an intricate 18th century invention.

83 . Autonomy (自治)

The indigenous community fought for autonomy over their ancestral lands.

84 . Avalon (理想郷)

The mythical island of Avalon represented an idyllic paradise.

85 . Avarice (強欲)

His avarice led him to make unethical business decisions.

86 . Avenger (復讐者)

In the movie, the avenger sought vengeance for his family’s murder.

87 . Avenging (復讐の)

The avenging hero defeated the villain who had wronged him.

88 . Aversion (嫌悪)

She had an extreme aversion to insects of any kind.

89 . Avian (鳥の)

The avian conservationist worked to protect endangered bird species.

90 . Avidity (熱望)

He pursued his goals with avidity and determination.

91 . Avuncular (伯父然とした)

He had an avuncular manner that put children at ease.

92 . Awaken (覚醒する)

The morning sunlight awakened her from a deep slumber.

93 . Awakening (覚醒)

The spiritual awakening changed her outlook on life.

94 . Awesome (すばらしい)

The northern lights put on an awesome colorful display.

95 . Awry (ゆがんだ)

When something went awry with the plan, they had to improvise.

96 . Axiomatic (自明の)

It is axiomatic that hard work leads to success.

97 . Azure (蒼い)

The azure sea stretched as far as the eye could see.

98 . Abase (卑しめる)

He refused to abase himself before the corrupt officials.

99 . Aberrant (逸脱した)

The scientist studied aberrant behavioral patterns.

100 . Abhorrence (憎悪)

He viewed racism with abhorrence and disgust.